Sanrio’s My Melody Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

Sanrio’s My Melody Ultrasonic Humidifier Review

I wanted a small humidifier with aroma diffusing function for a couple of months now but I kept putting this purchase on the back seat until I saw the cute humidifier collection from Sanrio. At first I wanted the Cinnamoroll (he is my favourite Sanrio character) but eventually I decided to go for My Melody as simply liked this design a little more. Humidifiers can help with dry air in a room by adding moisture to it. This can effectively help treat dry skin, lips, nose and airways to aid breathing. They are especially good in dry climates, during winters and places with low air quality. This particular model can also serves as an aroma diffuser. Aroma diffuser helps spread the scent of essential oils around your house. I personally love a lovely smelling house so this was a big selling point to me.

This My Melody humidifier is made out of white ABS raisin. The lid is shaped after My Melody and is partially pearly pink with a blue bow in top. It was the cutest humidifier I have ever seen and I just had to get it. I love cute object which also serve a practical purpose. I love being surrounded by all things “kawaii” but too much clutter just sitting there collecting dust gives me anxiety. Purchases like this make me the happiest.

It’s a very basic compact humidifier. After removing the top lid you can remove the part made out of clear plastic and fill it up with water. Then put it back onto the base and close the lid. Wait for the water to drop down and press the “on” button. Voila! You can enjoy the calming and cooling mist. I have to say, when I first turned it on, it didn’t work but I have enough experience with these devices to know that it probably just needed a little adjusting. I put the clear part off and on the base one more time adjusting it a little and the humidifier started working. This humidifier can work a good 7-8 hours before “running out of steam.”

It also comes with a timer function which allows you to turn it on for a set amount of time. This is the most important if you use it to help you sleep. If you don’t set the timer the humidifier could wake you up when it runs out of water with a loud beep!

Lastly it also functions as an aroma diffuser. On the side of the base in a small plate with a filter onto which one can apply some essential oils. The strength of the aroma will depend on the grade of essential oil and the amount used. The one I used helped spread a lovely but subtle smell of cotton. It was sufficient for me as too much aroma can give me a headache.

It’s important to note that the plug it comes with is Japanese. This is not a problem though as one can use simply use a power adapter or even replace the whole cable with one meant for your respective country as it is easy removable.

Size: 18,5 x 16 x 16 cm

Main Material: ABS Resin

Power Supply: AC Adapter

Tank Capacity: 700 ml

Volume of Humidification: 85ml/h

Functions: Aroma Diffuser, Automatic Off Timer (2h), Antibacterial Cartidge, Water Supply Alarm

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