Rilakkuma Sakura Season Luckydraw Giveaway!

Rilakkuma Sakura Season Luckydraw Giveaway!

Hooray, I’m excited to announced that my Rilakkuma Sakura Season giveaway starts today! 

I’m a Pisces and my birthday is in March: the month which opens the season of blooming sakura. Blooming sakura gives us a sense that the whole world is born anew! To celebrate my birthday month and the joy of the spring season I’m organising my very first Pursuit Of Cute giveaway! In my friends circle I am known as the most thoughtful gift giver so I decided to use this “special power” of mine to select the prices for my first ever Lucky Draw Giveaway! I hope you will enjoy this giveaway. Good luck!
You stand a chance to win the following items:
❀ 1 Korilakkuma Keychain Plush
❀ 1 Rilakkuma Sakura Letter Set
❀ 1 Roll of Rilakkuma Sakura Washi Tape
❀ 1 Pair of Sakura Socks
❀ 1 Sheet of Sakura Stickers
❀ 1 Sakura Flavoured KitKat
General Giveaway Information:
❀ The Giveaway ends March 31st 2017.
❀ There will be two winners.
❀ The first winner has the right to choose their preferred item from the list if the option is available (letter set, washi tape and stickers).
❀ All items are new and unopened.
❀ Picture are provided as visual representation only.
❀ You must be over 18 years old or have your parents permission.
❀ The Giveaway is open worldwide
❀ You can join this giveaway on my Facebook and Instagram. It’s up to you.
❀ If you joined my email giveaway waiting list before you can skip the first giveaway rule (“joining my email subscription.”)
Facebook Giveaway Rules:
❀ Join my email list
❀ Like my Facebook page
❀ Share the giveaway post on your Facebook wall
❀ Like the giveaway post and tell me in the comments:
“What is your favourite item in this giveaway?”
Instagram Giveaway Rules:
❀ Join my email list
❀ Like this post
❀ Follow my instagram page
❀ Share this post with the hashtag: #olivbooschoice
❀ Tell me your favourite item in the giveaway
❀ Make sure your account is not set on private on March 31st.

Sakura Socks Choice: a (pink) and b (white)

Rilakkuma Sakura Washi Tape Choice: a (pink) and b (cream)

Rilakkuma Sakura Letter Set #1

Rilakkuma Sakura Letter Set #2



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