Monki Twill Apron Dress OOTD

Monki Twill Apron Dress OOTD

I haven’t shopped at Monki in a long time but I always enter the store when I get the chance. On my last shopping trip I got this cute Apron Dress. In my day to day life, I like to wear loose fitting clothes. I prefer dresses over pants any day. This garment fit right up my fashion alley. The model on Monki’s website wears it in a monochrome style; I went for a more pink-ed up approach! Here is how I styled it to fit my fashion sense.


Dress: Monki Twill Apron Dress €25

Socks: Monki Sporty Socks €6

Bunny Bag: Ober Tashe バッグ (Shibuya 109)

Black Platform Mary Janes: Taobao (c. €30)

Sweatshirt: Plus 1 Korea (c. €10)

Badge Heart: Meme Ichihana ¥432 (c. €3,60)

Badge Round: Meme Ichihana ¥540 (c.€4,50)

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