A Look at Otatsu Inari Shrine (御辰稲荷神社), Kyoto

A Look at Otatsu Inari Shrine (御辰稲荷神社), Kyoto

In my last post on I mentioned a little Inari shrine worth a short visit on your way to the Kyoto’s Okazaki shrine. Otatsuinari Shrine is located on the corner of the road right next to Okazaki Heian shrine; it can be easily missed and overlooked because of the nature of the place. It’s a tiny, quiet shrine. Almost completely abandoned and calm most of the time. It’s easy to walk right past it as the only thing giving it away are the red Torii gates peeking out from behind vegetation. It’s not a spectacular shrine; it’s small, a little dusty and not very well taken care off but it’s interesting and worth a visit when in the area none the less even if just for it’s mystifying vibe.

Otatsuinari Shrine was constructed in 1705 (Edo Period) during the ruling of emparor Higashiyama to enshrine the god/ess of rice and foxes as well as general prosperity, called Inari. The shrine was established after the spirit of white fox appeared in the dreams of one of the emperor’s accomplices. Hence you can find the physical representation of kitsune all around the shrine.

Google Maps: location

Address: 29-1 Shogoin Entomicho,

Sakyo Ward, Kyoto,

Kyoto Prefecture 606-8323,


Phone Number: +81 75-771-9349

(all photos belong and were taken by me, pixel art from: pixel-soup)

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