Breakfast at Gudetama Cafe, Singapore

Breakfast at Gudetama Cafe, Singapore

On my recent trip to Singapore I visited the Gudetama Cafe. The Gudetama Cafe has opened in Singapore only a couple of months ago so I was excited to be one of the first few people to visit the cafe. Gudetama is one of my favourite Sanrio characters so I knew that I just had to go!

The cafe is located in the Suntec City Mall right in the centre of Singapore. The cafe is split in two areas: the restaurant and the cafe. In the restaurant you can order different types of meals wheres the cafe is meant for smaller pastries and snacks.

The restaurant offers egg shaped booths and regular tables. We chose to sit inside one of the booths. In general, I’d recommend to come as early as possible. We came to the Gudetama Cafe for breakfast and showed up half hour past the opening time. Only one table was taken at the time so we had the whole restaurant to ourselves. After about an hour the restaurant started to get busier and busier. Gudetama Cafe takes no reservations so prepare for a little waiting time if your show up around dinner time.

Most of the food on the menu is western-style breakfast. The portions are very big; maybe even a little too big for a single person. Every meals is served on a little fraying pan-shaped plate. The menu is not big but it offers sufficient choice. Everything on the menu is Gudetama-themed. I chose a sweet waffle and fruit breakfast wheres my boyfriend got a standard English-style feast. The cafe offers a wide variety of cute desserts. The whole cafe upholds the whole Gudetama-vibe very well. During my visit the restaurant was festively decorated for the Chinese New Year celebration.

I’ve red quite a few complaints about the staff at the cafe being under-trained ,however, luckily I did not have that experience. The waiters were very polite and helpful. They even gave me some free goodies when I asked if I can take the paper table mat home. 😉 I really wanted to buy some cute merchandise ,however, I didn’t find anything I liked. I think their merch selection could still use some improvement. Overall I loved the cafe and I would definitely visit it again! The only thing I didn’t really like was the choice of music playing in the cafe, but of course, this is a matter of pure taste.


The menu options at the restaurant is most suitable for breakfast.

Our meals: bacon and eggs // waffles with fruit and cream

To drink Dan chose a cappuccino and I got a mango-strawberry drink.

Our Egg-booth had this prancing Gudetama above the table.

The ceiling of the restaurant is decorated with giant “egg-waffles”.

The cafe is very cutely decorated as well. With sunny side up-shaped tables and Gudetama cushions.

Watch my visual tour around the Gudetama Cafe!

Restaurant website:
Phone number:
+65 6677 6195
Restaurant Address:
3 Temasek Boulevard,
01-361 Suntec City Mall,
Singapore 038983
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The gudetama art by: Sanrio

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