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My Name is Olivia and this is my blog. (You can also call me Olivboo.)

I love all things cute & curious; I enjoy writing blog posts and filming youtube videos about all these things.
Here you will find my DIYs, travel journals, shopping tips as well as my personal ramblings. 🙂

I want to share happiness and cuteness with the world; young and old! Cuteness knows no age!

Eventually I would like of create a community of cute and kawaii bloggers, vloggers and other creators.

If you encounter any language errors on my page, I’m really sorry, and I’m open to any comments helping me fix those

mistakes. I’m fluent in English but it’s not my first language so mistakes are unavoidable. In fact English is my 3rd

language! My mother tongue is Polish and second language is Dutch, you can always say hello using these languages as well!

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All opinions stated on my blog or in my videos are my own. I’m open and happy to accept PR offers however I reserve my right to give honest reviews etc. under any circumstances. I will not write fake advertisements prising products I do not like. For collaboration and business offers, please, email me at: [email protected]


All photos and videos on my blog belong to me unless otherwise stated. I try to give credit for all material that is not my own. If your work has been featured here without credit or you’d like me to take it down please contact me via email.

Feel free to feature my work, but please credit my blog.

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