Kate Spade Leewood Place Makayla bag + Rose Gold Keds Review

Kate Spade Leewood Place Makayla bag + Rose Gold Keds Review

It was White Day yesterday and I was treated to some amazing present’s from my boyfriend: a Kate Spade Leewood Place Makayla bag in pink granite and Kate Spade x Keds in rose gold. Kate Spade is one of my favourite premium brands because of their original and fun designs so I was over the moon to finally own one their purses. I have this “problem” when it comes to bags: I don’t like the leather and finishing of most cheap bags yet I cannot really afford the expensive ones so I usually just sport backpacks and canvas totes. Kate Spade is a good alternative to those of us who can’t afford high end designers but are willing to save a little for good quality accessories.

The Leewood Place Makayla bag is made of pebbled calf leather trim. The metal pieces are 14 karat gold. Overall the leather is beautiful and the finishing meticulous. The bag can be worn by the handles or over the shoulder on an adjustable strap. The inside lining is made of striped poly twill fabric. The bag comes in two colours black and pink. My version is the pink one. My favourite thing about this bag (outside of it being pink, of course) is the front flap. It’s so simple yet so cute! The style of the bag can be easily made to be dressy or casual which makes it a perfect choice for many occasions. The Leewood Place Makayla also comes in two different sizes. Mine is the bigger one as I’m like Doraemon – I like to carry a variety of stuff in my “pouch”. (You never know what you are going to need!)

The inside of the bag has 3 different pockets suitable for small things you need and easy access to. There is also a flat compartment at the front of the bag to which you can get to by simply flipping up the front flap. I keep my phone and house keys in there so I can grab them quickly without having to unzip the bag. Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this purse. I’m absolutely in love. *.*

Next, I got the rose gold Keds! I don’t really do heels because: a) I like being comfortable and b) Because of some problems with my legs heels are not the best choice. Either way, I’m always excited to discover cute flats. It’s hard to find adorable flat shoes sometimes. These glittery, sparkly Keds are perfect for a princess on a day off (or if you are like me: any day, really.) The shoes come with regular-and ribbon-laces. I’m using the ribbon laces for now as it’s just much cuter that way! Despite the bottom being quite flat the shoes are still very comfortable. According to the box the sparkly effect of the glitter will wear off eventually which is kind of sad but for now: let’s shine! I have not have had these for long enough to spot any downsides so for now all I can say is that they are to die for! I am definitely going to get them in other colours…



Where to find?

Kate Spade x Glitter Keds with ribbon laces: 90.00 €

Kate Spade Leewood Place Makayla bag in pink: 448.00 €

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